February 15, 2004

Jimmy Breslin is such a jerk.

(From Newsday) ...His whereabouts have nothing to do with it. What matters only is that Bush was in the National Guard in Texas because he was dodging the war in Vietnam. In those days, if you were in the Guard, you were not called for Vietnam...

Bush wasn't in the National Guard, he was in the Air National Guard�a very different thing. Men from his unit were fighting in Vietnam when he joined. If he had trained on F-100's he probably would have gone. F-102's turned out to be useless over there.

... What matters to all our senses is that he is a president who struts around as a war hero,

Never did any such.

..who dodged Vietnam and most of the National Guard drills

DID do most ANG drills, did miss some at a time when the AF was shedding excess pilots, and when F-102's had been taken out of service�and that after 2 1/2 years of active duty...

...and who with less shame than anybody we have had maybe ever,

Can one say "Bill Clinton?"

sends your kids to a war that he ducked as if he was allowed to do it by birth....

'cause we elected him to do just that, which is really what Breslin hates. He had no objections when Clinton sent people into danger in Kosovo.

...The picture of him playing soldier suit on an aircraft carrier, the helmet under his arm like he just got back from a run over Baghdad, marks him as exceedingly dangerous...

Guess what, fool, if you flew on a jet to a carrier, you also would be required to wear a flight-suit and helmet. It's safety gear, not a uniform. And Bush took it off after landing. Yikes, does that carrier trip torment the lefties! I shall cherish it in my heart forever for just that reason.

They pretend to be upset because there was something illegitimate about it, but what really chews out their livers is that Bush was obviously right at home with our service-people, and extremely popular. Unlike certain other presidents, nobody had to be ordered to be friendly to him!

It's pathetic that lefty media types who normally ignore our military, and certainly don't want their own children to join, suddenly now value combat service above everything. If some upset gives Dean the nomination they will instantly decide that only physicians should make life-or-death presidential decisions!

AND, do you notice the huge gap in all the articles of this type? Something missing? If there's an article on poverty, aren't there always quotes from some poor people? Isn't a disaster story is always accompanied by quotes from the hapless victims? So why don't Breslin and his fellows go to an Army base and gather some quotes from those unhappy soldiers who are being sent to die by a "guy who ducked the war?"

In fact I think Mr Breslin should be required to visit some bases. He would pick up some very colorful quotes!

(thanks to Cori Dauber)

Posted by John Weidner at February 15, 2004 8:55 PM
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