October 11, 2012

More climate BS exposed...

Stop global warming sign covered with snow

Anthony Watts, Remember the panic over methane seeping out of the Arctic seabed in 2009? Never mind.:

...All sorts of wailing came from that by climate alarmists. The New Scientist claimed there were megatonnes of methane bubbling out at that time. It was even billed under "Arctic Climate Emergency" All of this came from a single paper published in the AGU Geophysical Research Letters. In January 2012, perhaps sensing that it really was hyped up, an essay at RealClimate "Much ado about methane" said:

Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, but it also has an awesome power to really get people worked up, compared to other equally frightening pieces of the climate story.

Yep. I can recall lots of terrified comments here at WUWT about this, plus some emails along the lines of "if you don't pay attention to this you're going to denialist hell".

Well, a new more comprehensive on-site study has been done, and it has just been announced by the Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel:...
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