February 15, 2004

Good news, plus a big disappointment...

Lt Col. Hammad
Lt. Col. Suliman Hammad, left, describes the attack on an Iraqi Civil Defense Corps compound to Capt. Mark Zahaczewsky, right, an Army intelligence officer from Washington, D.C., as Spc. Khaled Dudin, an Arabic-speaking medic from Chico, Ca., aids in translating. Army Times photo

Wretchard notes the good news in this article on the attacks on police stations in Falluja:

...No American troops were involved in the fighting. Officers from the 82nd Airborne Division stationed a 10-minute drive away could hear the battle clearly. They offered help but [Lt Colonel] Hammad said it wasn't needed. The Americans did provide additional ammunition and weapons, including light machine guns...
I'm still not sure the Iraqis are ready to handle representative government, but there's no doubt they can slaughter terrorist scumbags if they decide to...I vaguely remember reading of this incident as "police station overrun in Falluja.", with the implication that things were, as usual, geting worse. But in fact five places were attacked, and the Iraqis said, "no help needed, just send more bullets..."

[Update: Bill Quick has it right: "We've won in Iraq. The rest is just taking out the garbage - and shooting it."]

Not-good news
Unfortunately, the much touted British methods of pacification, so nuanced and superior to those ham-handed insensitive US Army methods, seem to have resulted in Basra becoming thug-city. Here's the story, read it and weep...Sounds like the Brits are too multi-culti and sensitive to actually choose between good guys and bad guys...

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