December 14, 2003

I was thinking we were being unfair to Kerry, but....

You know, I was kind of thinking that the put-downs of John Kerry as Frenchified were a bit overdone and unfair. But what's his first reaction to the capture of Saddam? Starhawk was watching and posts this

Update: John Kerry on Fox News Sunday: This is our chance to open up our bidding process where we shut out France ...."
Then he goes on to say that he is not talking politics. This guy is a LOSER no doubt about it. He digs himself a deeper hole saying that we should have continued the Clinton policy with North Korea and we should not have run away from Kyoto (which he voted against).
I think some people can't give up believing that France and "Old Europe" are still important, because they've invested too much of themselves in being "sophisticated" and "European."

The truth is, France is circling the drain. It's economy is utterly stagnant, it has NO private-sector job growth, an aging population uninterested in hard work, enormous pension-liabilities coming up that it has not the least possibility of meeting, and no will to reform. (Though I've heard that France has a growing number of Evangelical Christians. That's a sign of hope, though it's probably too little, too late. Their real problem is spiritual. Like much of Europe, they don't believe in anything.)

The countries that are really important are those that have growing economies, growing populations, youth, energy, dreams and ambitions...I suggest putting India at the top of the list. I've heard that they are graduating 360,000 engineers a year! (There's a number that's hard to deal with!)

Posted by John Weidner at December 14, 2003 2:54 PM
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