August 2, 2011

They always let us know who they are afraid of...

Ms. Jedediah Bila, Manhattan Lefties Talk Palin:

Last week I attended a cocktail party on Manhattan's Upper East Side. It's an unfortunate part of life every now and then for this prefer-a-basketball-game-and-soft-pretzel New Yorker. With that being said, any opportunity to mingle with members of New York City's left-wing elite serves to provide both a wealth of amusement and—quite often—column-worthy entertainment.

This particular party happened to occur the same day it was revealed that Sarah Palin will be keynoting a tea party rally in Iowa on September 3. So, Palin came up quite a bit. What did some of Manhattan's finest lefties have to say about her?

Here are the top five sentiments that were expressed throughout the two hours I lasted (special thanks to the veggies and dip for keeping me there long enough to overhear this fun):...

Heh. Read on. Short version: they be afraid of Sarah. They know she's the real deal.

Word Note logoWORD NOTE: The name Jedediah, (or Jedidiah), was the name given to Solomon and means 'beloved by God.'

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