September 11, 2009

Re-posted from 2004...

fireman at the WTC

Lots of people want you to forget. The message is insinuated in a thousand subtle ways, by those too dishonest to say what plainly they mean. Kerry and the Democrats want you to forget. Dan Rather and the mainstream media want you to forget. Pat Buchannon and the Libertarian Party and Ralph Nader want you to forget.

Don't forget

They won't say it plain, instead they say we should be flexible, should watch the budget, should focus on "first responders," should consult with "allies" before doing anything, should not overextend ourselvs, should not "overstretch" our fragile military, should conserve our strength for later...

Don't forget.

They make blandly dutiful references to fighting the War on Terror, but their cheeks only glow when they criticize our troops or the administration. Talk of liberating 50 million, or breaking the pattern of despotism and ignorance in the ME, and their eyes glaze over. But Abu Ghraib, ahhh...they savored that like wine.

Don't forget.

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