September 9, 2009

"The Movement" doesn't get you off the hook...

There's an interesting piece in PJ Media, by Ron Rosenbaum, Why Are Jews Liberals?:

...But if you want a simple answer to why Jews are liberal, ask where were conservatives during the civil rights movement of the 60s, the social justice movements of the 40s. Aligned with Father Coughlin and Charles Lindberg, not so secret fascist sympathizers.

I'd say : the civil rights movement. Jews who find the most important part of the religion (I'm not observant so this may not apply to all) the injunction to care about social justice, to care for the oppressed because we were were oppressed, slaves in Egypt, etc.

Ad then came the civil rights movement, the most important social movement in America since the Civil War (if you consider that a social movement).

And while the Democratic Party was, yes, made up of a bizarre alliance of Southern racists and northern liberals, the support of Northern liberal democrats for the civil rights movement earned liberalism, for me, a lifelong allegiance.

The most important problem here is the way liberals have been coasting on the civil rights movement for 60 years. For them it's always Selma, and therefore they are always the good guys. But the world has changed. And there are new civil rights movements.

One of them is the fight to free inner-city children from the killing environment of wretched government schools. (Killing both in the literal sense, and in the sense of lives destroyed by bad education and a lack of good guidance and discipline.) And in this new civil rights war, liberal Jews are mostly on the dark side. I don't know what Mr Rosenbaum feels personally, but the Democrat Party is owned by the corrupt teachers unions, and most liberal Jews are perfectly happy to feed the little pickaninnies down the sewer if it makes for political victories for their side.

A good example is the Washington DC program of vouchers that let thousands of poor children go to private schools. That program was dead the minute Obama got in. Where are our "liberal" Jews? Hmmm? Where are the civil rights protests over that? Where are the marches? Who's singing We Shall Overcome now? There's a new Little Rock going on right now, and I don't see any of our fake-liberals standing up for the blacks who are being cruelly discriminated against. Standing up against today's Bull Connors! Of whom Barack Obama is supremacist number one. Supremacy of liberal elites over the poor and the helpless. [Connor, FYI, was a member of the DNC]

Another civil rights crisis is the slaughter of unborn babies. The insane fact right now is that one second after it is born, a baby is a human being with full...... civil rights. And one second before it is born, it has fewer civil rights than a slave, who at least could not be killed out-of-hand because he was inconvenient to somebody! Mr Rosenbaum, why don't you use a time machine to go back and ask any great rabbi of the past what they think of that particular "liberal" policy?

And Planned Parenthood and the abortion "right" were born out of the Eugenics Movement, with people like Margaret Sanger openly working to have fewer "inferior" people born. With blacks near the top of the inferior list. "Liberal" Jews are mostly OK with this. In fact, they support abortion more ardently than non-Jews!

Remember that little experiment recently, where people called Planned Parenthood, pretending to be offering to donate money to help have fewer blacks born? And how PP was happy to accept the dough? SO, "liberal" Jews, where do you stand?

And I don't have the time to get into the whole subject of "peace-movement liberals" ardently fighting to keep Third-World slaughters and genocides going, because those are defined as "peace," and intervening to stop the slaughters is "neo-con war." And sometimes "liberals" are even causing the slaughters--here's a good example.

And I don't have time to write an essay about the way the civil rights movement was itself morally ambiguous. But imagine if I proposed that we should invade a foreign land, and have lots of fun laughing and sneering at the primitive locals, and then we should bully them into adopting our superior culture. And then patting ourselves on the back for the next hundred years, and continuing to make those people the butts of our jokes. Does that not have a certain resemblance to a certain famous "movement?" Hmmm?

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