June 30, 2006

It's now "International Law."

I liked this article on how John Bolton is raising Cain at the UN...

...Nancy Soderberg, who served as the U.S. Alternate Representative to the U.N. from 1997-2001, said that there is a boiling resentment in the international community about the policies of the Bush administration in general. “But,” she added, “the salt in the wound is Bolton and his aggressive, confrontational and ultimately unproductive style.”

Stephen Schlesinger, the director of the World Policy Institute at the New School, puts the blame squarely on Mr. Bolton himself.

“He doesn’t believe in the U.N.,” Mr. Schlesinger said. “His view of the U.N. is that it should be totally subservient to U.S. foreign policy. He’s a man who is basically doing a very poor job of representing the United States.”...

This is wrong, I think. What he wants is for the UN to be subservient to the "Axis of Good." As anyone with a lick of sense would desire. The idea that underlies the UN, that all nations are equal "individuals," like voters in a Republic, is just sick and crazy. It is epitomized by the insane practice of putting countries like Cuba or Libya or Syria on the "Human Rights Commission."

I think the idea of reforming the UN is absurd. But, the basis of reform is obvious. The Bush Doctrine is the principle that national sovereignty is dependent on democratic legitimacy. The reforms that flow from this are patent, and since the Bush Doctrine has now become established International Law, they are mandatory. (Ha ha. Gotcha, lefty fatheads! If you can just pull "International Laws" out of the ether and claim they are binding, so can I!)

Posted by John Weidner at June 30, 2006 7:59 AM
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