February 26, 2006

"those who felt like doing something have done what they've done"

Interesting, from Omar at Iraq the Model:

Curfew extended in Baghdad and three other provinces.
The defense minister in a press conference currently on Iraqi TV gave statistics to correct what he described as "exaggerated media reports" about civilian casualties and attacks on mosques since the attack on the Samarra shrine:

Mosques attacked/shot at without damage: 21 not 51
Moderately damaged: 6 not 23
Mosques destroyed totally: 1 not 3
Mosques occupied by militias: 1 not 2 (evacuated later).
Civilians killed: 119 not 183

It was also announced that day-time curfew in Baghdad and three other provinces (Salahiddin, Diyala and Babil) will continue for another two days.

More from the press conference:

In the same press conference, the interior minister said "we are not going to show tolerance towards those who cause violence anymore, those who felt like doing something have done what they done but we will accept no more of this" obviously referring to those who let their anger push them to violence.....

Somehow, that doesn't sound like "civil war" to me. I expect a lot of people were indulging in wishful thinking. Bush-haters of course, but also those who may be hoping for a "clash of civilizations" to make life seem exciting. But it looks like the slow boring work being done under the banner of the Bush Doctrine will go on.

And, though superior beings will recoil in horror from me for saying this, it also looks like the "insurgency" was a good thing. It has apparently immunized Iraq against terrorists. The Golden Mosque was surely destroyed in order to foment a civil war. But that isn't happening. Iraqis are seeing through this trick.

And I'd say it means that whoever did the deed--al Queda or Ba'athists (or NewsWeek)--knows they are losing. This was a desperate throw. Its failure will strengthen the forces of moderation and freedom in Iraq.

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