November 16, 2005

And another seven...and another...

Brian Maloney, guest-blogging at Michelle Malkin, lists seven reasons why conservatives should not be feeling "malaise." Here are seven more...

1. The economy is strong and unlikely to slow soon. The press tries to paint a different picture, but we are (I hope) getting better at routing around such obstacles.

2. The war is going well, and this will become apparent at the right time...we are likely planning to withdraw troops soon, and the current Dem noises on this point should be viewed as an attempt to take credit in advance.

3. Dems not only have no positive program to offer, but they are also split on their opposition points. They are in the position that Republicans were in in the 30's and 40's. They are torn between an irresistible pull to become more leftist, as moderates leave or are unable to win elections, and the pull to try to become Republican-Lite, which is a very hard trick to pull off.

4. The movement of money away from parties caused by Campaign Finance "Reform" has, so far, hurt Dems more than us. Our independent groups are not dragging us into any fever swamps.

5. I hate Gerrymandering, and would end it in a flash if I could, but it does help the majority party the most.

6. Bush is by no means an extinct volcano, nor is Rove. Look for more surprises.

7. New information emerging from places like the Iraqi archives or the Oil-For-Appeasement investigation is not likely to help the slithering left...

Posted by John Weidner at November 16, 2005 8:13 AM
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