June 5, 2004

"A day of peace and happiness in Najaf..."

Mohammad writes:

:: At last, a day of peace and happiness in Najaf after two months of fear and blood.
I can't describe how happy the Najafis were when they appeared on TV welcoming the IP forces that started to patrol the streets after Muqtada's militia left the city. I don't know if that scene was shown on western media or not but to me, their celebrations were similar to those Najafis had when they got rid of Saddam a year ago. I Hope this joy lasts for a long, long time.
A lot of of Copperheads were obviously delighted by Muqtada Al Sadr's rebellion. They said we had failed in Iraq, because there is violence and disorder. They claimed we had suffered a defeat.

I disagree totally. But it's hard to argue with those people, because I don't share their underlying premise. I don't think our goal is to bring order to Iraq. I think (just my humble opinion, not an official position of the Secret Neocon Brotherhood) our goal is to teach the Iraqis how to do it themselves. And for that, some disorder is a good thing. The people of Najaf, the people of Iraq, have learned a big lesson. Remember, the people of Najaf were getting rich from the resumed pilgrim trade. Al Sadr put a stop to that, and now it's going to start up again. Lessons that hit the pocketbook tend to sink in.

The next Iranian-backed would-be tyrant will have a much harder time of it. The Iraqi "immune system" is stronger now. Al Sadr, and the Falluja rebels, did Iraq and us a favor. A test hard enough to strain the good guys, but not enough to break them. Our Marines were icy professionals in Falluja, but Jeez, think about the next urban scrap they get into! Every move we made in Falluja is going to be studied and criticized and analyzed for years to come. (One can't even imagine Syria or Iran doing that) Guys who fought there will be teaching in ever-more realistic MOUT training facilities in the years to come.

And I suspect the American, (and British and Australian and Polish, etc.) people have learned a valuable lesson. Leftish news media and politicians bent every effort to create panic and despondency and doubt. I suspect the world's immune system is stronger now.

Posted by John Weidner at June 5, 2004 9:54 AM
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