May 20, 2004

Hang your clothes on a Hickory limb...

I'll pull the troops out: Kerry
United States Democrat John Kerry promised that, if elected president of the United States, he would pull virtually all American combat troops out of Iraq - away from the "death zone" - by the end of his first term.

Pre-emptive surrender. We can expect the same "campaign contributions" Zapatero got. At least I won't feel bad for him when he loses all 50 states. The "death zone." What BS. Typical liberal, only Americans are real. It's the "life zone" for 25 million Iraqis, and hope for the whole Middle East. But Democrats would gladly sacrifice them for votes. Just as they happily sacrificed millions of Vietnamese to death and "re-education camps" and escape in leaky boats.
In an interview yesterday with AP reporters and editors, he also criticized President George W Bush for damaging relations with allies. There is so much strain in those relationships now, he said, that only a new president can repair them.
They'll love him. And leap to aid him in a program of passivity and appeasement and self-loathing...
"Every president of the last century, Republican and Democrat alike, worked differently from this administration, reached out to other countries and worked with greater respect through international structures," Kerry said.
So Democrats asked the UN and "allies" for permission to fight in Vietnam? I've really got to get a better grasp of history.
"This has been a terrible period of loss of American influence, respect and prestige, and it costs us all across the globe."
Terrorism and regional conflicts have declined across the globe. And many rogue nations are getting nervous and more cooperative. We are winning the War on Terror, though the struggle will be long and hard. The oppressed are with us. But elites everywhere are unhappy with all the nasty talk about freedom and democracy. You can vote for Kerry, so we will be popular at international cocktail parties. Or you can vote for victory, and for liberating the downtrodden...
Saying his goal would be achieved in his first term, Kerry explained: "Look, you may have some deployments of people for a long period of time in the Middle East depending on what the overall approach to the Middle East is. I'm not going to tell you we won't shift deployments from one place to another, but we're not going to be engaged in an active kind of death zone the way we are today."
"Hang your clothes on a Hickory limb. but don't go near the water.." It's a WAR, you dimwit. We are supposed to be in an "active kind of death zone." Dealing death.
Kerry also said he is confident that if he becomes president, he could persuade countries that sat out the Iraq war to contribute peacekeepers. But he said he would not place US soldiers in Iraq under UN command, or under the command of another country."
Oh boy. We've been hearing tons of news about "peacekeepers" recently. Usually something like "Peacekeepers fail to prevent massacre." Or "Peacekeepers hide in barracks while riot rages."

Did you know there were "peacekeepers" in Mogadishu when our guys were being attacked? And who were too peaceful to help fight? Who stood by peacefully while Americans were slaughtered? Hmmm? Mr Kerry? Mr Kerry? I'm talking to you, you useless lump! Is that your plan? Is them the guys whose "respect" we are desperate for? The "allies" we are desperate for? Or did you mean the peacekeepers of Rawanda? Or the "sex-trade" peacekeepers?

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