April 27, 2004

#156: Nasty insinuations

P. Krugman

A Vision of Power (04/27/04) is another "Cheney bash" by Paul Krugman in which he rants against the administration's attempts to keep the participants in the Vice President's 2001 energy task force confidential. For Krugman the combination of Cheney and the energy industry sets off fulminations that can last for weeks. Remember the ten or so columns on the California electricity crisis a couple of years ago?

At first we were going to pass on this column, but then we spotted one segment so outrageous we changed our minds:

"Could there be a smoking gun in the [task force] records? Well, maybe Mr. Cheney was already divvying up Iraq's oil fields in 2001, but I'd be surprised to find anything that clear-cut."
The phrase "already divvying up Iraq's oil fields" gives the clear impression that the fields were in fact divvyed up at some point LATER and the only question is when the divvying began. But there never was any divvying. This is an unsupportable attempt to evoke images of colonial powers dividing the spoils of war. Instead, the overwhelming coalition effort was to get the Iraqi oil fields up and running again ASAP. They may have favored coalition companies with contracts and, at times, they may have sacrificed cost effectiveness for speed, but overall the effort was effective.

If Krugman wants a modern day parallel of a colonial rip-off he has to look no further than the Oil-for-Food program administered by none other than the UN Secretariat. This is a record-setting scandal involving theft from an oppressed people that is just now being fully comprehended. We have yet to find out who stole the Iraqis' money, but we will know soon enough. Companies and politicians with close ties to French and Russian interests in the Middle-East are good bets.

Meanwhile, will Krugman ever write a column on THIS historic scam?

Never! It doesn't fit his anti-Bush agenda.

[The Truth Squad is a group of economists who have long marveled at the writings of Paul Krugman. The Squad Reports are synopses of their discussions. ]

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