February 3, 2004

They are going to make it explicit...

Natalie Solent blogs about how Ryanair was sued because they charged a passenger for the use of a wheelchair.

The usual stupid mess, neither side looks very good, we all know the story... But here's the kicker:

...Ryanair lost. However it has taken a sweet little revenge: they are to impose a 50p levy for wheelchair provision on every ticket and, crucially, they are going to make it explicit. You know if I didn't hate Ryanair so much I'd quite like them sometimes. The BBC says, "By so publicly linking the cost of assisting disabled travellers to increased ticket prices, it is a decision that is likely to anger disability campaign groups. " Indeed, though disability campaign groups might feel a certain embarrassment when stating their exact objection to Ryanair's small gesture towards educating the public on costs and stimulating better-informed debate...
Oh, the possibilities. The price of this ladder includes approximately $2.00 for insurance against frivolous lawsuits and $1.50 for government-mandated paperwork.

Posted by John Weidner at February 3, 2004 7:27 AM
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