February 1, 2004

slipping down the food-chain

Head Lemur writes some interesting stuff commenting on Richard Bennett's post (see previous)

...In an organization with a 100 members, it breaks down like this. There are 5 near the top who do all the work, 15 who are available and willing to do what needs to be done if they are recognized and pointed in the right direction. These folks will bring home the bacon.

The other 80 are groupies and are necessary for their monetary contributions. They get warm fuzzies from belonging, can be bought with a mousepad, and when called upon always have unbreakable prior engagements. The good news is that they can be sheared with surprising regularity. From the PTA to the Deaniacs, this is what happens...

Charlene and I used to be the sort of people who could, sometimes, be found in that "top five" group. Then one day we discovered we had three children, and we also discovered that we had slippid down into second-tier group.

Then came the calamitous discovery that we were parents of three teenagers!...and also that we are probably de facto members now of the "groupies." We've received no mousepads yet, but there have been various "autographed" pictures of Bush and Cheney.

Posted by John Weidner at February 1, 2004 10:04 AM
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