December 14, 2003

"Their work continues, and so do the risks..."

I like Glenn Reynolds' term, "Coalition Of The Pissy." My guess is that they will now whine that "Bush promised peace after Saddam was captured." Well. Tough. Luck. The war will go on; Iraq is but one battle, and we haven't declared it over. Here's a bit of President Bush's address:

....Their work continues, and so do the risks. Today, on behalf of the nation, I thank the members of our armed forces and I congratulate them. I also have a message for all Americans: The capture of Saddam Hussein does not mean the end of violence in Iraq. We still face terrorists who would rather go on killing the innocent than accept the rise of liberty in the Middle East. Such men are a direct threat to the American people, and they will be defeated.

We�ve come to this moment through patience and resolve and focused action, and that is our strategy moving forward. The war on terror is a different kind of war, waged capture by capture, cell by cell, and victory by victory. Our security is assured by our perseverance, and by our sheer belief in the success of liberty, and the United States of America will not relent until this war is won.

May God bless the people of Iraq, and may God bless America....

Posted by John Weidner at December 14, 2003 9:38 AM
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