May 30, 2014

Hunger Games...

Obama Girls Enjoy 'Best School Lunch in America;' Public Schoolers Lament 'Let's Move' Meals | CNS News:

...With public school students using #ThanksMichelle to tweet photos of their skimpy, stomach-turning school lunches, I decided to look at what Michelle Obama's daughters are served at Sidwell Friends school, and it turns out the girls dine on lunches from menus designed by chefs.

First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" program is responsible for low calorie limits on public school students and lunch gruel that resulted in tweets like this:

First Lady Michelle Obama's daughters attend Sidwell Friends, and their meals include hot lunches that are prepared every day fresh-from-scratch. The company that caters the food, Meriwether-Godsey, uses chefs to prepare the food on-site - from scratch - with local and organic foods where possible.

Here's a sampling of the school's "soup of the day": Borscht, Tuscan white bean, Italian bean and kale, calico wild rice, Thai chicken coconut soup, local butternut squash soup, chilled cucumber and mint soup, and chilled blueberry soup.

Other delectable lunch items include:

Crusted tilapia
Herb roasted chicken
Strawberries and chevre salad
Freshly baked muffins
Pesto cream & garden fresh marinara sauce
Cheese tortellini
All natural house-made chicken fingers
Scallion rice
Roasted edamame & Shitake mushrooms ...

There's more, but I'll stop here. Before I barf.

These people are crazy. Liberals have become literally and simply crazy. Insane. Sick. They are lost in a wilderness of their own making.

You have to destroy your mind and conscience to be a "liberal" today. A leftist. A "Progressive," or a "Quaker." These all started out with good intentions, and have all turned into twisted monsters.

Liberalism (libertarianism too) takes many forms, but is always deep-down the idea that we humans can navigate ourselves, by our own reason. Without reference to any external landmarks or guide-stars. This always fails , for the same reason Inertial Navigation always fails for ships or spacecraft. Astronauts on our Lunar flights took frequent star sights, using sextants. They corrected their navigation by referring to the fixed stars.

Every "liberal" voyage goes astray, because they have no fixed stars for guidance.

Posted by John Weidner at 9:33 PM