November 12, 2013

I abominate Apple's new headquarters...

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Apple's new

Leftists always try to make people fit their ideas, rather than adjust their ideas to human nature. A lefty dreamer like Jobs has a vision of austere purity and clarity, and imposes it on others with no regard to what they actually want or need. He was, in essence, like a Lenin or Mao, but without the power to send people to the Gulag.

I have a suspicion that the best working spaces for creative people would be funky and simple, with walls you can pound nails into or staple posters onto. With simple sturdy furniture that people can select and move around themselves. With small quiet offices that introvert-types can retreat into. Plus more open group spaces where people can mingle around the coffee pot, or spread paperwork out on big work-tables. Plus nearby cafes and snack-shops that one could walk to for a bit of exercise and fresh air.

And the flavor of "work" in the Information Age is increasingly like creative teamwork. Teams are put together to think and solve problems, without the tyranny of org charts and formal management structures. In my imaginary buildings for today's work-world, people who are trying to accomplish something could commandeer some rooms, could roll their preferred desks and chairs and tables in themselves, and just set themselves up.

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