October 6, 2013

It's like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...

You have doubtless seen the stories about the park service closing monuments, even ones in the open air that need no staff. And spending much more money and manpower to close them than they need when open.

None of this stuff makes sense unless that you realize that 1) The Democrat Party has become government. They are not the party that advocates big government, they are the government. 2) Our government has become a cancer. Like a tumor, it only exists to feed itself, and it needs to eat ceaselessly.

The shutdown threatens its food supply, and its immediate response is to hurt us, the citizens.

Blue Ridge inn's act of defiance lasts about 2 hours:

...O'Connell said Wednesday he would rebel against the order to shutter after seeing World War II veterans reopen their memorial in Washington when barricades blocked the entrances. But he had backed down by the Park Service deadline to close Thursday.

"Conscience, conviction. That's about it," O'Connell said of his decision to reopen after thinking about the situation overnight. He said he would take guests for the weekend as long as the doors were able to remain open.

His family has operated the inn on the parkway about 25 miles from Asheville, N.C., for 35 years. It the only spot for many miles along the 469.1-mile mountain route to sleep or grab a meal and go to the bathroom.

A handful of guests had lunch before Park Service patrol cars blocked the driveways, turning on their orange flashing lights. Rangers turned customers away, saying the government was closed....

I suspect we are in a strange place, well past the leftist plots to gain power that we conservatives often conjecture. That can't explain the quantum weirdness of blocking the access of WWII vets in wheelchairs from an open-air monument. It's political idiocy. But if you imagine the tantrum of a greedy child if you take his candy away...

Posted by John Weidner at October 6, 2013 6:21 AM
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