April 22, 2013

Voice Pitch

Rand Simberg writes on Voice Pitch:

...According to a BBC report, Margaret Thatcher got vocal coaching to lower the pitch of her voice.
Not doing that herself was one of Sarah Palin's biggest mistakes. I liked most of what she had to say, but her voice grated even on me, and most people probably couldn't get past it (particularly combined with the accent, though that was less of a problem, at least for me)....

I agree. I still think that she was the best and most qualified of the four candidates in 1998. Alas, alas, that's a very low bar! I have no regrets about supporting her.

She was successful as mayor and governor, and in other jobs, but perhaps that was her limit. She hasn't looked "presidential" subsequently.

Think back on how popular her book was, how millions of people were waiting for it. And it was a good book! But imagine that her first book had instead made the case against Obamacare, and FOR free-market reforms and patient-centered health care. The ideas are out there, but no top-notch conservative has popularized them. There's this huge leadership vacuum at the top of the conservative heap.

I had hoped she'd be the one to fill it, but, no.

Palin prayer

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