November 27, 2012

Time for tough hate...

Frank J, Make those lazy job-creators pay -

...Businesses are worried about profits? How greedy can these people be? Why can't they be like the government, which has never once worried about profits? Look at what a finely-tuned, well-oiled machine it is -- and it only costs a trillion dollars more per year than we can afford.

So what should we do? Republicans say we should coddle businesses. "Oh, poor job creators, can we cut your taxes some more? How about we get these regulations out of your way? And would you like a foot massage?" It's disgusting.

No, it's time for tough love. Or better yet, tough hate.

What the unions did to Hostess was a good start. When that company wouldn't provide the benefits the union wanted (once again because of some nonsense about "profitability"), they just went ahead and shut the company down.

Sure, it may be hard for the 18,500 employees who are going to be laid off, but they'll find new jobs in a year or two. Anyway, we can't let the prospect of job losses keep us from going after businesses owners where it hurts them the most: their companies.

And that's the tough line the government needs to take with job creators: You will spit out those jobs we demand -- and good ones with health-care benefits! -- or we will destroy you and your businesses...

Both Charlene and I have our one-person businesses in San Francisco. So we know this evil of old. And neither of us has any intention of hiring anybody ever. If we lived in a more business-friendly place, we might.

Posted by John Weidner at November 27, 2012 9:35 AM
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