September 14, 2012

"No ideas are off the table." Except one.

UC regents brainstorm changes if voters reject Prop. 30 -

...SAN FRANCISCO — In what was described as a brainstorming session, UC regents on Wednesday raised the possibility of controversial policy changes — including varying tuition rates by campus and sharply hiking the number of out-of-state students — to cut costs and raise revenues.

Those ideas and others could gain traction if voters reject the tax increase measure backed by Gov. Jerry Brown on the November ballot.

UC officials also repeated their warning that if Proposition 30 is defeated, UC will lose $375 million in funding and students probably will face a midyear tuition hike, possibly as much as 20% or about $2,400. If the proposition passes, there will be no tuition hike for the 2012-13 school year although a modest one is likely the following year.

Regents insisted that they were not trying to scare voters into supporting the tax proposition but that they needed to study some of those options even if the measure passes. No votes were taken Wednesday and no policy changes were adopted immediately. Still, the meeting provided insight into the thinking of many of the regents who control the 10-campus system.

"We are simply examining every possibility," said Sherry Lansing, regents chairwoman. "No ideas are off the table."...

Bullshit. The biggest issue is never mentioned. In fact the critics of the universities rarely mention it, which bewilders me.

If you went back a few decades, you would find that the UC system had about 1 administrator to every 6 or 8 faculty. Since then the numbers of faculty have hardly grown at all, but administrators now outnumber faculty! There are now more chiefs than indians.

This is insane by ANY theory of management you might chose to apply. Most schools of management would predict that such a situation would result in worse management, and that looks like what's happening to me. The management of the UC system (and LOTS of other universities public and private) has become a cancer, devouring the body and soaking up all funds.

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Digging even faster on the cost front.

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