August 14, 2012

Write 'em off...

Joseph Pearce,Slimey Limeys:

Against my better judgment I watched the closing ceremony of the London Olympics last night. I was expecting the worst and it was even worse than I expected! The whole thing was a nasty and narcissistic celebration by the denizens of modern Britain of how wonderful it thinks it is. It was a debauched celebration of atheism and hedonism, including schoolchildren singing Lennon's atheistic anthem, Imagine, as hundreds of people came together to create a giant icon of Lennon's face. Lennon, the most ethno-masochistic and anti-Christian of the Beatles, had once claimed that the "Fab Four" were more popular than Jesus. Judging by last night's closing ceremony, he is right. Everything is more popular than Jesus in modern Britain. The Son of God is well and truly hated as is His Church. Anti-Catholicism reared its intolerant head during the ceremony as dozens of roller-skating women, dressed as nuns, cavorted across the stage, lifting their habits to reveal their underwear.  

Another feature of the closing ceremony was the celebration of the homosexual lifestyle, demonstrated by the resurrection on the big screen of Freddie Mercury to lead the crowd in inane chants. There was also a performance by the leather-clad George Michael, sporting a skull on his belt buckle, symbolic of the culture of death of which he is a symbol. There was much more that was much worse but I don't have the stomach to continue with the litany of smut.  

As an Englishman, I might have felt ashamed of such a spectacle. Instead I just felt as if my body had been covered with slime. I also felt a great sense of gratitude that I had shaken the smut and dirt from my sandals and had left the sordid culture of which I was once a part. Deo gratias!  

As for the land of my birth, I am reminded of the words of C. S. Lewis who would have been as appalled by last night's spectacle as was I. In The Great Divorce, he wrote that in the end there are only two possibilities for each of us. We can either say to God, "The Will Be Done", or else God will ultimately say to us, "Thy will be done". Modern Britain has what it deserves; it has what it wants. The slow and tortuous decay of its barely living corpse will continue until it dies of self-abuse. Its passing will be a blessing...

Sounds like some street fair in San Francisco. Blech. Both cultures are dying. Literally, because they are both reproducing well below replacement rate. And more importantly, they are dead or dying spiritually. If you worship yourself, you are traveling like a person lost in a dark wood, who thinks he's going straight when in fact he's going in a circle. You are, as Augustine put it, incurvatus in se. Curved in on yourself. You are going nowhere.

The Remnant will inherit the future. It's like when Elijah wandered off into the desert, because all the good guys had been killed. Which left him kinda disheartened. God told him to buck up and get back to business, because Elijah didn't know it, but there were seven thousand men in Israel who had not bowed the knee to Baal.

Posted by John Weidner at August 14, 2012 7:24 PM

Sadly, Christianity is often mocked in the UK.

God blessed.

Posted by: Victor S E Moubarak at August 15, 2012 9:37 AM

If you've gone hollow, the last thing you want is to be reminded of that by observing a person who isn't. So you hate that sort.

Posted by: Annoying Old Guy at August 15, 2012 2:30 PM

Bear in mind that I haven't paid the Olympics much attention in many years.

BUT... is the appalling behavior on display something actually desired by the British people, and therefore a reflection of them? Or was this something laid on by an Olympic bureaucracy beholden to interests that have little to do with the average Briton (or any average person anywhere)? Recall that many of the events were poorly attended.

I think there's hope for the British yet. As you said, John, the ones who are "acting out" are the ones least likely to reproduce themselves.

Posted by: Hale Adams at August 15, 2012 7:59 PM

I hate to be a wet blanket, John and Hale, but the fact that the Red states are outprocreating the Blue states is not the whole story. I've read an article recently that pointed out that Leftists know they're in trouble demographically, so they're brainwashing the children of conservative families so that their 'ideas' will live on. We know plenty of stories of little children hassling their parents about recycling or a Christian teenager going off to be corrupted by leftist professors at college. Why have children when you can just ruin the ones of your enemies?

Posted by: David at August 15, 2012 8:27 PM


I've heard the same stories as you have about the indoctrination of youth. But I think one has to keep in mind an old joke, which is attributed to Mark Twain but is probably as old as mankind:

"When I was 15, my father was an idiot. When I was 25, my father was a genius. It's amazing how much that old man learned in just ten years!"

Don't worry, David; those kids' parents will be a lot smarter in ten years. Count on it.

Posted by: Hale Adams at August 16, 2012 7:08 PM

Well, we are talking about the all-important metric. Roughly described by "red" and "blue." If blue increases, if the blue dye permeates the fabric, we go off the cliff with Europe. Ciao babies, been nice knowing ya.

Alternatively, red grows and blue diminishes and fails to reproduce. And the general trend is positive.

Brothers, are we the future? Or are we dinosaurs?

Semper fideles!

Posted by: John Weidner at August 16, 2012 9:12 PM

I couldn't agree more. I watched a few minutes of the closing ceremony and was really appalled. I've heard for years that the UK has gone beyond non-Christian, which is sad enough, to anti-Christian, which is scary. Scary because I see the US going in the same direction.

I actually found your website through your soapstone counter post, and wanted to know how they are holding up and how you like them after this many years. And did you buy full uncut slabs or precut to counter size?

Posted by: Marti at August 20, 2012 10:35 AM

They are still holding up fine, and we still love them!

I bought uncut slabs.

As far as I know, unless someone hits them with a sledge hammer, they should last for centuries!

Posted by: John Weidner at August 20, 2012 2:10 PM

On the "indoctrinating the youth" point, here's the weblog of someone who has done a lot of research on the subject.

Posted by: Annoying Old Guy at August 21, 2012 2:50 PM

I thought it was fun and topical, since one of the Brit's main exports to the world is its music. But then, the closing ceremonies are rarely things of dignity. (I am reminded of the Australian ceremonies, where the US commentators steadfastly ignored the presence of the Priscilla, Queen of the Desert float, in spite of explaining the significance of every other one.)

As for the roller-skating nuns, did no one notice that was in the bit by Eric Idle of Monty Python? As in, this is absolutely emblematic of the exact form of humor that group has always done, right down to the Bollywood interlude?

What, exactly, were people expecting? Dignity? This was a rock concert, and they're not exactly high on the dignity scale.

Posted by: B. Durbin at August 21, 2012 10:07 PM
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