June 28, 2012

Regarding the Supreme Court decision...

It's so frustrating to me, because, at least in one aspect, I think I see this issue of the "Affordable Care Act" more clearly than anybody else is doing. But I've never managed to arouse the least interest in this.

And that is, that the ACA is an Industrial Age solution to our health care problems. That's how things worked in the late Industrial Age—think 1940's. Big slow-changing organizations were organized into interlocking convoys by government. A great achievement of the Roosevelt/Truman years was making the unions into peaceful members of the convoys.

And it worked fairly well. But that stuff doesn't work in the Information Age. Nothing is stable anymore. Government as ring master assembling a parade of docile slow-moving elephants has turned into government organizing a parade of thousands of monkeys. It doesn't matter how many bureaucrats are cracking whips. It doesn't matter how many rules and taxes are promulgated. Making an orderly parade out of thousands of scampering mischievous monkeys is an insane idea.

It is literally insane. It will fail even if both parties try to make it work.

And I'm like Cassandra, with the gift to see into the future, and the curse of never being listened to.

UPDATE; This picture is too perfect! Found here.

Circus elephants parade capitol hill

UPDATE: Best comment I've seen, from InstaPundit: Reader Barry Johnson emails, cruelly: "Second look at Harriet Miers?" Yeah, baby. I want to spit now thinking about all those pomposos who said we can't possibly have a Supreme Courtt justice who is not a high-powered scholard type.

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