March 14, 2012

Old loyalties...

Rush Limbaugh rejects Sleep Train's offer to resume partnership -- The Sacramento Bee:

...Carlsen hired Limbaugh to read his radio ads back in 1986, when Sleep Train owned just two stores and Limbaugh was trying to kickstart a not-so-successful radio career.

"He started doing the spots and it took off right away," Carlsen told The Bee in 1997.

The relationship with Sleep Train continued after Limbaugh moved to New York and became one of the biggest stars in radio. In a 2005 interview with The Bee, Carlsen recalled what Limbaugh told him as he was moving to New York. "When he left town he said, 'The people you meet on the way up are the people you meet on the way down. I'll always take care of you.' "

Me I'm old fashioned. To betray an old friend is unforgivable. To do it casually, out of vague mushy political correctness, and the desire to be bland... I spit upon them!

And thinking a little more about this... Rush stayed the same person as he went from poor to very rich and famous. But I can just imagine the Sleep Train execs, as they move up the ladder of success. You shed the awkwardness of your beginnings, and become smother and sleeker. Your suits cost $600. You move to the fancy neighborhood. Your wives want to be involved in tony fund-raisers. You might get asked to be on the board of some museum or dance company.

And chic society is always liberal! So all the while, as you move among the voguish folk, you wonder if your connection with Rush is like having a bit of dog poop on your shoe. And your wives squirm when little jabs are made about Rush.

So you try to pretend your old unfashionable friend doesn't exist.

I bet the Sleep Train honchos have been betraying their friend for years.

Posted by John Weidner at March 14, 2012 8:12 AM
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