February 15, 2012

Ha ha. this one's close to home...

There are lots of stories like this now, as the global warming fraud unravels. Hardly worth blogging. But this one is about our Sierras, and in the liberal SF newspaper. So it gives me an extra bit of satisfaction...

The Science is Settled: "Dramatic Claims About Snow Disappearing in the Sierra Just are Not Verified" | Jammie Wearing Fools:

...Have you noticed lately how many stories that are reaching the "mainstream" media debunking the whole global warming/climate change scam? A sure sign this hoax is headed toward history's dustbin is the virtual irrelevance of chief scammer Al Gore and the growing evidence of data refuting the wild-eyed claims of Gore and his leftwing accomplices.

Well, there's another breakthrough today as the San Francisco Chronicle is reporting snowfall in the Sierras has remained consistent over a 130-year span despite the hysterical claims of those who've perpetrated this massive fraud on a gullible public....

Emigrant Wilderness

(A picture we took in the Emigrant Wilderness. A very cool bit of the Sierras.)

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