January 21, 2012

Good sense...

This suggestion would surely improve things...

Hugh Hewitt : Calling Chairman Preibus:

...There are six "scheduled" debates left.  If the campaign goes beyond February, there will be more proposed.  CNN's John King showed again last night, as ABC and NBC did in New Hampshire, that MSM cannot be trusted to run a serious debate.  Entertaining, yes, but not serious.  Not even remotely 9/11 serious.

Not a single question about Iran which, the day before the debate, John King had told me was the one issue he guaranteed would come up because of its importance.  None of the issues that lead to necessary and blistering criticisms of President Obama --the presidents hostility to Israel, the failed stimulus, Solynrda and other green failures, massive defense cuts, Boeing and the NLRB, the out-of-control EPA, the recess appointments, fast-and-furious etc etc etc-- are brought up by the legacy media because they hate to be the ones to tee up the GOP's rightful criticism of the president.

So strip the legacy media of the power to distort the discussion.  The RNC should announce it will hold debates on the dates already selected and in the cities scheduled, but that it will invite CSPAN, not a network, to air them, that Preibus will do the intros and then turn the proceedings over to a panel of four questioners, one each selected by the four candidates from a long list of journalists/commentators/public intellectuals approved by the RNC as professional and mainstream.  There may be some familiar faces from the nets like Bret Baire and Candy Crowley, Megyn Kelly and Jake Tapper, and obvious potential questioners include Rush, Charles Krauthammer, Bill Bennett, John Podhoretz, Bill Kristol, Fred Barnes, Rich Lowry, etc but no Trumps and no more MSMers in effect defending the president by steering the conversation away from the big issues and especially those on which the president has manifestly failed. 

Then perhaps the GOP electorate can, after 17 tries, get a sustained, serious conversation about what is wrong with the country, how to fix it, and who is the best nominee to beat the president and carry the Senate while maintaining the House majority.

That's what GOP voters want to know and that's not what the MSM wants them to learn....
Posted by John Weidner at January 21, 2012 2:11 PM
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