November 6, 2011

"Brezhnevite junk heap"

Lexington Green, You Must Love Whittaker Chambers, But You Must Not Drink Too Deeply Of His Perfumed Pessimism:

...I simply do not believe we are at the great nightfall.

We beat the Kaiser, the Nazis, and the Soviet Union.

I really do not think the public sector employees present as great a material threat to America as the Soviet Strategic Rocket Force once did.

Nor do I think that Political Correctness and its minions, for all its poison and perniciousness, presents as great a threat as the cadres of Soviet agents and fellow travelers who once sought our destruction.

We stand within reach of a new flowering of Anglo-American freedom and prosperity. We are on the verge of breathtaking and liberating breakthroughs in science and technology and medicine, which will make the world a better place.  I absolutely believe this.  It is not inevitable, but we are preloaded for it. We just have to seize it.

Only the crumbling, ramshackle, Brezhnevite junk heap of the Twentieth Century Blue Model legacy state stands in our way.  Its defenders have nothing to appeal to, no great principle, no worthy cause, only their own comfort and security at the expense of the great mass of people in America, and at the expense of their hopes for the future.  

That is not, as they say these days a "meta-stable" situation.  What can't go on won't go on.

The rusting junk heap is going to fall apart before our eyes, with a shocking suddenness reminiscent of the collapse of the Soviet Union. That is my prediction.

We need to keep pushing on it, pointing at its bankruptcy, mocking it, and showing people how it could be so much better...

Well, it makes sense, but I'm not sure. I mean I'm pretty sure that the "rusting junk heap" of the Blue Model is indeed going to fall apart. And in fact we can see that happening. But as Solzhenitsyn put it, the dividing line between good and evil runs through every human heart. (Reading that, sometime back in the early Seventies, was one of the great dividing moments of my life. A thousand utilitarian fantasies began to crumble.

But in this turn of the wheel, the barbarians are us. "We have met the enemy, and he is us," as Walt Kelley put it. The empire is crumbling—maybe, maybe, maybe not—and the barbarians are on the march. But this cycle we are creating our own barbarians. Which makes them damn hard to fight. The real metric to pay attention to is the "barbarian-creation-quotient."

I labor always to prevent it, but my guess is that our future is...

Statue of Our Lady destroyed by scum

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