October 9, 2011

"The Occupiers were going to occupy Fleet Week! What could be more exciting than that?"

Blue Angels, Fleet Week SF  2005
    (Picture by me, Fleet Week, 2005)

This is especially funny to me, because we're here in SF, it's Fleet Week, the Blue Angels are flying about, and we are, like every year, loving the scream and bang of them, and hugging ourselves with pleasure thinking of how the nihilist slime-creatures are just hating this. (Pix from a previous year.)

It always amazes me that these fake protestors and fake liberals seem to delight in making themselves into horrid dirty children. Over the cliff of nihilist oblivion goes liberalism...


The "Occupy" movement claims to represent 99% of the people (hence their motto, "We Are the 99%").

The US military stands for everything the Occupiers oppose; it is after all the force which imposes the evils of capitalism on the nation and the world.

Wouldn't it be interesting if, as an experiment, we arranged to have the Occupy movement and the US military each hold events in the same city on the same day – and then see which one drew more visitors? If the Occupiers truly represented the 99%, and if the military really were the musclemen for the corporations, then it'd be no contest – right? And what if we even held the competition in the nation's most left-leaning city, just to give the Occupiers home field advantage?

Well, we don't have to imagine any of this, because it happened yesterday, in San Francisco. The "Occupy SF" protest group held yet another shindig in front of the Federal Reserve Bank on Market Street. And as luck would have it, San Francisco was at the same time hosting "Fleet Week," an annual celebration of all things military and patriotic, including performances by the Blue Angels, the US Navy's aerobatic team. Since the "Occupy SF" group was having a protest at the exact same moment as the Blue Angels show, this would be a perfect test case: Which is more popular?... [Photo essay follows. Don't miss.]

Thank you once again, Zombie.

Posted by John Weidner at October 9, 2011 9:05 PM

Kudo's to Zombie. Wish I'd been up in SF to see Fleet Week again.

This whole 99% thing reminds me of a lecture in my old Political History class. Lenin's party in the early days named itself the majority or Bolshevik party - even though they weren't; the opposing, somewhat less radical, party duly named itself the Menshevik (minority) - even though they weren't.

They were pretty well tied at first.

My professor's argument was that by ceding the "majority" title the Menshevik's gave up an edge which may have eventually cost them the control of Russia, and their lives in a number of cases.

So, good of Zombie to point out that the 99% thing is pretty much bunk.

Posted by: Ed at October 10, 2011 9:13 AM
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