October 5, 2011

Oh well, my heart's been broken before...

Charlene just called from the road, having heard Mark Levin's announcement, that Sarah will not be running.

I suspect she will go down in history as the great might-have-been of our time. I'll support whoever the Republican nominee is, but i doubt my heart will be in it.

Palin prayer

* Update: Charlene just came home and told me about Governor Palin's actual interview with Mark Levin. (You can listen to it here.) The word by Palin she mentioned was "unshackled."

I must say that gave me a happy wolfish feeling. Sharpen up the scalpin' knives, boys. I imagine that Lefty slime-animals and Establishment Republicans are hugging themselves tonight, and doing little happy-dances, and laughing that their filthy filthy tactics have brought her down. Well, she's been brought down twice before in her career, and both times it was the people who had the last laugh.

Unshackled. Game on, for blood.

Posted by John Weidner at October 5, 2011 3:39 PM
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