September 21, 2011

Why bother?

Evelyn Gordon, What Incentive Does Netanyahu Have to Make More Concessions?-- Commentary Magazine:

Yesterday, I asked why Israel should keep signing agreements with the Palestinians if the world won't enforce previous ones? This question has an important corollary: Why should Israel keep making concessions if it gets no credit for previous ones?

A recent New York Times editorial demonstrates the problem in microcosm. While various parties share blame for the Israeli-Palestinian impasse, it opined, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "has been the most intractable, building settlements and blaming his inability to be more forthcoming on his conservative coalition."

In reality, Netanyahu is the only prime minister in Israel's history to impose a 10-month moratorium on settlement construction, a move even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared "unprecedented." Indeed, there has been less construction in the West Bank – and East Jerusalem – during his term than under his predecessors. But he gets no credit for this; instead, he's the premier who obstructs peace by "building settlements." So what incentive would he have to make further such gestures?

As for being insufficiently "forthcoming," Netanyahu, like all his predecessors, has repeatedly expressed willingness to cede most of the West Bank; what he's refused to do is cede the entire territory in advance. By contrast, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas hasn't yet agreed to cede anything Israel wants (settlement blocs, the "right of return," recognition as a Jewish state, etc.), but the Times omits him entirely from its list of parties who share the blame. So Netanyahu, who has already ceded most of the West Bank, is "intractable," but Abbas, who has ceded nothing, is blame-free. Given this, what incentive does Netanyahu have to make further concessions?...

"from its list of parties who share the blame." Well, that's easy to explain. The Times does not consider Palestinians to be human beings, so they cannot be expected to be rational or moral actors. They are just trained animals in the nihilist circus, they exist only to express Jew-hatred.

Do you consider this extreme? Well, think about it. Suppose you cared about someone. And they were committing acts of extreme immorality and violence. Would you not strive to persuade them to act differently? For their own good? Would you not be screaming "Stop!"?

Then suppose you did NOT care about this person. You might be blithely indifferent when this someone, say... oh, blows up pizza parlors where families with little children are having parties. That's exactly the NYT and the "liberals" who read it.

If western "liberals" actually cared about the Palestinians, they would have been leaning on them to the advantage of Netanyahu's 10-month freeze on settlement construction, begging them to make some concessions of their own, in search of peace. But the sort of people who are always joining "peace" movements and "anti-war" movements have not the slightest interest in peace in Israel.

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Posted by John Weidner at September 21, 2011 8:00 AM
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