September 16, 2011

Judenrein--You watch, it will perfectably acceptable for our fake liberals.

PLO Ambassador: No Jews in New Palestinian State -- Commentary Magazine:

According to this report in USA Today, the Palestine Liberation Organization's representative in Washington has declared there will be no place in any future Palestinian state for Jews. There are several ironies.

Turkey and perhaps European countries as well are maybe on the verge of recognizing the first state since Nazi Germany to propose a judenrein policy. There are several ironies: First, Israel, whose Arab Christian and Muslim minorities—perhaps 20 percent of the population—have full rights, but is lambasted by the cocktail set as racist. Second, when the Netanyahu government proposed recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, many diplomats—including those in the State Department—balked. But to propose a Jew-free state? That's okay.

Yes it will be perfectly acceptable with our "liberals" and academics and journalists. Likewise, our "pacifists" and fake-Quakers never object when Palestinians teach kindergarten children to be suicide bombers.

Why? Because the Palestinians are fulfilling the secret desires of most of the Left (and a few on the Right). It's no longer fashionable to be openly anti-Semitic, but Jew hatred is just as common as it was in the 1930's. The difference is that now we pay the Palestinians to be our proxy Jew killers. The US, for instance, pays them 600 million dollars a year, in "foreign aid."

Jew-hatred is part of the thinking of losers. If you are going nowhere, you turn to hating the Jews. This is because the people who are going somewhere, who have a future, always believe that there are things in life more important than they are. Jews symbolize our duty to God. And this duty is echoed in many lesser symbols, all of which involve belief in something higher and more important than our little selves.

Therefor the person who has a servant heart towards one of the lesser symbols, such as loving country or family or truth, is, on a deep level, serving God. And the weird paradoxical thing is, those people are the ones who tend to become stronger, and bolder, and who grow towards the future. ey have a future. They are not losers." (I think of the word in the American slang sense, such as, "I hope she doesn't marry that guy. He's such a loser.)

Whereas the people who sign on to one of the human-centered philosophies, one of the men-will-be-like-gods confections... those people shrink! We see it all around us, if we we dare to open our eyes. For instance our mad unending proliferation of safety regulations--a left-liberal obsession.. That's not what people do when they are feeling Promethean! It's what you do when you are afraid. Same with obsessing over clean water and clean air. San Francisco has delightful tap water, brought direct from the high Sierras, near Yosemite. But lots of people have water filters and we spend millions on bottled water.

That's fear. and it's very reminiscent of that guy in the movie Dr Strangelove, who though fluoridated water was contaminating his "precious bodily fluids." (Anti-flouridation, by the way, is no longer a right-wing issue, it's now a lefty fad.)

It's exactly like what I posted about Inertial Navigation. The submarine trying, for some crazy reason, to cross the Pacific underwater without ever using landmarks may start out with a brave flourish and feelings of self-sufficient power. But errors accumulate, and by the time it gets near the other side, the main feeling will be fear. And if there is some person who symbolizes submission to things outside the system (imagine a navigator walking around with a sextant in his hand) that chap may well be hated!

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