September 13, 2011

Like the dog in the night...

I was writing a lonnng 9/11 post, starting from that disgusting column by Paul Krugman. But I realized I was just starting to re-fight all the warblogging campaigns of my 10 years of Random Jottings. I don't need to do that, events have not shown me to be wrong. And, as Professor Jacobson pointed out, Krugman is lashing out because his faith is shaken.

Though it might seem so, right now we are not in an argument between two Twentieth Century models of life and government, conservative and liberal. Why? Because Krugman's model has already died. It's a zombie-corpse staggering a few last steps before toppling in the dust. The Obama administration is just a last efflorescence of phosphorescent bacteria.

So instead, here's a small interesting item, also from Jacobson...

The American people can handle the truth about Obama's phony jobs bill:

There is a good reason Obama did not unveil his jobs bill prior to his jobs speech.

It's because the jobs bill is not a jobs bill, it is the tax increase Obama has been hoping for since he was a candidate, taking $400 billion from people making $200,000 or more (couples making $250,000 or more). Had Obama released the plan, all the talk surrounding the speech would have been about the tax increase, the opposite of what the Axelplouffe message machine wanted.

What Obama misleadingly calls a jobs bill literally takes $400 billion from the demonized "top 2%" over 10 years to give to almost everyone else now, a pure redistributionist plan. There is some revenue taken from oil companies and corporate jet owners (yes, that's in there), but that is just political cover, a relatively small percentage of the total tax increase, as this chart shows...
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