September 6, 2011

They are her opponents. Thus, never mentioned by name.

Kevin DuJan, on 10 reasons Sarah Palin is running. This one is referring to the (silly, I think) idea that Sarah won't run, but rather will prefer to be a "kingmaker." And why she is delaying entering the race.

...If she wanted to king or queen-maker, for fun or profit, Governor Palin would be playing games with these various candidates, making them jump through hoops to secure her endorsement. She would, in fact, be having a BLAST doing it too, because Palins seem to have a blast whatever they do in life...

....Have you noticed — she's not interfering in the slightest with any of the other GOP candidates.

Why not, when it would be so much fun?

This is because Governor Palin knows these are her opponents. She is an undeclared candidate right now because the moment she officially declares, this race will be all about her and the other people running will not be vetted or examined because the media will just want to engage in relentless and unending attacks on Sarah Palin.

The Governor learned a lot from Hillary Clinton's failed 2008 campaign, in that with Hillary declared and on the scene, Obama was able to secure the nomination with no media vetting. Any attacks Hillary tried to make failed, because the media was only interested in talking about things from the 90s that degraded and maligned Hillary Clinton. Obama thus got a free pass that Hillary could not overcome in the nomination battle.

Governor Palin has realized that before she enters the race, she needs to give the media nothing else to do, nothing more interesting to talk about, then to spend time on some of the other candidates for the nomination before the media focuses everything it has on trying to destroy Sarah Palin (which is considered an Olympic sport at the New York Slimes and MSDNC)...

Well really, Sarah's tactics have already pretty much destroyed everybody except Perry. And I wouldn't be surprised if couple of more weeks will cook him to medium-well. Somehow I don't think he's quite the vrai. It's just my impression but I don't think he will growww under the hot lights. Plus now everyone will look at him and think, "crony capitalism," even though Sarah never even mentioned his name. Am I right?

She's drawing bigger crowds than Romney. Bachman is shrinking before our eyes. Who else is there? A buncha future ambassadors and cabinet secretaries in the Palin administration. Cain can get France. Don't they also make pizzas, or something?

Posted by John Weidner at September 6, 2011 10:37 PM
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