August 13, 2011

Frauds. But you knew that...

The press and the pacifists. Remember when the "press" was salivating over the one-thousandth American death in Iraq? And people like me said that it was phony partisan posturing? Toldja.

And remember the big "anti-war" protests of the Bush years? And how me and many others said they had nothing to do with "conscience," and everything to do with nihilism and hatred of America and President Bush? Ditto.

Obama Gets a Blank Check for Endless War - Reason Magazine:

...Include Iraq, and the comparison tells a similar story: about 1,300 Americans killed in operations related to Iraq and Afghanistan combined during the first two and a half or so years we've had of the Obama administration, versus less than 600 American casualties in the first full three years of the George W. Bush administration.

It all raises at least two related questions. First, where are the antiwar protests? And second, where is the press?

In a phone interview, the national coordinator of United for Peace and Justice, which organized some of the largest antiwar protests during the Bush administration, Michael McPhearson, said part of the explanation is political partisanship. A lot of the antiwar protesters, he said, were Democrats. "Once Obama got into office, they kind of demobilized themselves," he said.

"Because he's a Democrat, they don't want to oppose him in the same way as they opposed Bush," said Mr. McPhearson, who is also a former executive director of Veterans for Peace, and who said he voted for President Obama in 2008. "The politics of it allows him more breathing room when it comes to the wars."...

"More breathing room..." Bullshit. Obama could kill millions, and the fake pacifists and fake Quakers would be ice-heartedly indifferent. Just as the were ice-heartedly indifferent to the hundreds-of-thousands killed by Saddam.

Smelly hippie lights cig on burning American flag

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