August 5, 2011

What might it mean? Ha ha.

I hear that Governor Palin just "re-tweeted" this exceedingly interrestin' little piece by Whitney Pitcher, Governor Palin--Leading the Fight on Debt and Liabilities.

Conspicuously, it highlights the tripling of debt in Texas under Gov. Perry. (Why am I not blinking in astonishment at that number? In fact I'm unsurprised. Did my little unconscious mind pick up some etheric vibrations?) And the piece contrasts that ugly lump with the frugality and far-sightedness of a certain far-northern governor, who cut spending in flush times, when all normal politicians are eager to fling money around. And left her state in rock-solid condition.

Gee, I guess that eliminates the fantasy that Palin will endorse Perry!

I'm expect establishment Republicans (*cough* JenniferRubin *cough*) to keep stating as an accepted fact that Palin is not running. Me, I'd say that if you haven't grasped that she's running right this very moment, you are.... slowwww.

I look forward to many an evil laugh. Oh how we will laugh.

* Update: (I actually like Jennifer Rubin's writing a lot. But the revolution's coming, and she SO doesn't get it. Me, I'm disguised as a mild-mannered blogger, but I'm a revolutionary at heart. Charlene deplores unceasingly the depredations of the Obama machine, and I nod in agreement. But inside I'm thinking, "The worse the better." My Christian morality would deprecate it, but aside from that little matter it wouldn't bother me a bit to stand by the guillotine and hold his bloody head up to the screaming crowd.

Actually that may be why I'm totally the enemy of all the revolutions, starting with the French one. It's because of the little Sans-Culotte inside me. I know the monster.)

Posted by John Weidner at August 5, 2011 8:38 PM
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