June 27, 2011

What can we learn from CafePress...

From Illinois Review...
If T-shirt and presidential product sales predict the future in American politics, 2012 will be a Palin vs. Obama race. CafePress writes:
The people have spoken and they want to see a Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama showdown in the 2012 election. Although Palin's Republican peers Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, and now Jon Huntsman have officially declared their candidacy, the American public is throwing their support behind Mama Grizzly" for the 2012 Election -- on T-shirts that is.
It may be 503 days away, but politically-minded citizens have already designed over 500,000 presidential election products on CafePress, the go-to site for customizable merchandise (think "royal wedding crasher"� and "Weinergate" tees).
-- Sarah Palin has yet to declare her candidacy, but Palin-themed merchandise already makes up a whopping 66 percent of Obama challenger sales and 34 percent of all 2012 election product sales.
-- Mitt Romney made it official several weeks ago but his product sales make up a small percentage of Obama's challengers at 3 percent of election product sales.
-- Michele Bachmann is also in Palin's shadow, with products contributing to only 1 percent of election product sales.

I don't know much about Bachman, but it seems to me significant that I've yet to hear anything that would endear her to me, or make me trust her. Whereas it took me about 30 seconds to see that Sarah Palin was the vrai. And I've yet to see anything to make me change my mind. That's not meant to say she's perfect, just that she's "the real McCoy." She's genuinely herself, without calculation and reserve. (Her failure to profit from reading and pondering RJ is a lapse, but an understandable one.)

But wait a moment. Think back to Palin Day, August 28, 2008..... It also took the Lefty crowd about 30 seconds to ...turn venomously anti-Palin. The hatred was almost instantaneous. And has been "on" ever since. I'm guessing they saw just what I did.

One can partly judge people by the kind of enemies they have. Palin scores near 100% on that measure.

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