June 1, 2011

I've never even seen a pear-citron vodkatini...

Andrea on, as she puts it, that species of internet persona known as the PUA, or "pick-up-artist."..:

... However, I have one little bone to pick with them: almost every time they talk about how difficult and bitchy American women are, yadda yadda, it turns out that their favorite places to go and pick out women are always bars. Sure, these places are high-end, fancy places where the upper income brackets like to go to order pear-citron vodkatinis, and as such they have more bright lights and shiny surfaces than the traditional watering hole, but they are still bars, and you know what kind of woman hangs out in a bar? Yep.

So no wonder, guys, that your romantic lives have been so disappointing. If you want a faithful, loving, feminine woman, you need to 1) stop hanging out in bars, and 2) probably leave your large urban area altogether. Also stay away from universities and places with lots of lawyers, and you might have to settle — yes, I said settle — for a woman who isn't a perfect 10 and doesn't know all about your pop culture fads. She might even be — gasp — religious. And here is the major stumbling block for the lovelorn PUA (when he's finally through denying he's not lovelorn): most of these guys claim to be atheist, but atheist women tend to at least think they are smarter than other people and as such are high-maintenance so we're right back in the "bitch" area. But none of these guys will dare go to anything so unfashionable as a church for their wife material, so they're destined to be forever dissatisfied....

Listen to the woman, she speaks pearls. Go to church.

This reminds me of a peeve of mine from back in the 70's, maybe it was. There was this stock complaint at the time by women, that men don't "want to commit." And I had to listen to this guff, and I'm in fact the kind of guy who was eager to commit to the right woman! (And I'll be happily married 26 years this month.) And my two best friends likewise. I remember this one gal, gorgeous creature, that I knew in a business connection. And with me she was always friendly in a very business-like way--clearly nothing personal. (A PUA would know how to cut through that, but I didn't.) And I heard later that she had a baby on her own, because she couldn't find a man who would "commit."

So my guess is that those women were looking to the wrong guys. Maybe in bars! Because the thing is, the type of guy who "commits" to a woman is not hanging around in watering holes. They are already committed, to career, or hobby, or sport, or craft. They are Scout leaders, or bungee-jumpers, or are building the world's largest model railroad. And they are mostly not very "cool," and not especially good at whispering sweet nothings in a gal's ear. But they are solid. Dependable. Committed.

Therefore, they are not hanging around girlie places. Fern bars, they were called back then. I could have told certain females that they needed to go where the solid sensible guys are. Of course they would not have listened . But in the picture below of a Kenpo Karate school, you can see one gal who is definitely smarter than most, and did just that. The woman in the back with the biggest smile is Charlene. And I'm sitting in the front row, second from the right. The man in the white gi is our teacher and old friend, Sifu (now Grandmaster) Rick Alemany. Next to him is his similarly-smart wife Marge. This was about 1985.

Karate school picture, with John and Charlene
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