May 16, 2011

Modern art...


Microsoft bought Skype to keep Google from buying Skype.

Notice I didn't mention Apple. In terms of being the baddest MoFo in the market Apple has no peer, but Apple is following its own very different course. Apple isn't the next Microsoft, you see. Apple is not the next anything because the role it aspires to transcends anything imaginable by Microsoft, ever. Google is the next Microsoft, so Google is seen by Ballmer as the immediate threat — the one he has a hope in hell of actually doing something about.
This is Cringely at his best. I think he's nailed something true: Ballmer doesn't now and never has understood Apple. He doesn't understand what Apple does, what it aspires to, or what consumers see that's so appealing about Apple's products. But he understands Google, including the ways that Google's products threaten Microsoft's.

Remember when Ballmer made a fool of himself in 2007 by laughing about the iPhone's prospects? That's because he didn't get it. It wasn't just bluster or spin — I think he truly believed that "There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share." I don't recall him ever exhibiting a similar blind spot regarding Google. That's not to say he knows what to do about Google, just that he at least understands it...

Actually it fascinates me how many people don't "get" what Apple is up to. (Yeah, yeah, I know. I've "drunk the Steve Jobs Kool Aid." Actually I now have—Ta Dah!—an iPhone, and I didn't even go into our nearby Apple Store to get it. I asked Charlene to pick it up at the Verizon store near her office.)

What is an iPhone? It's a work of art. When art historians of the future write about 21st century art, this will be on the cover of the book. And the filth and garbage in our "museums of modern art" will be forgotten.

Jobs and Jonathan Ive and their crew are the real artists of our time.

I should write a post on what I'm doing with me little gadget, just in case anybody's interested. Soon.

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