March 29, 2011

"New York State has succeeded in creating the most hostile environment for Blacks in the country."

Walter Russell Mead's Blog:

...Two milestones in the long, painful decline of the blue social model were reached this week and reported, of all places, in the pages of the very éminence grise of the monde bleu: the New York Times.

The first was a piece of national and historical news: The Census reported that waves of blue state blacks fled the stagnant job opportunities, high taxes and rotten social conditions of the mostly blue northern states to seek better lives for themselves in the south. The second milestone was local and literary: Bob Herbert, for many years the only regular Black columnist on the New York Times' op-ed page, has written his last column before stepping down.

The Census story is a shocker. First, according to the Times, the Blacks leaving tend to be the "younger and better educated". Second, the three states Blacks left in largest numbers don't just include snake-bit Michigan; the other two are Illinois and New York. Within those states, Chicago and the city of the New York (widely considered among the most successful cities in the country) are the places Blacks are deserting. 17 percent of the Black flight from Big Blue is from the Empire State; after almost a century of trailblazing social policy, New York State has succeeded in creating the most hostile environment for Blacks in the country.

It gets worse. One would think that the Blacks who choose to stay in the cold, unwelcoming North would cluster in the cities where more liberal and humane governance models mandate such generous policies as "living wage" laws and where all the beautiful features of the blue social model can be experienced at full strength...

...The failure of blue social policy to create an environment which works for Blacks is the most devastating possible indictment of the 20th century liberal enterprise in the United States. Helping Blacks achieve the kind of equality and opportunity long denied them was more than one of many justifications for blue social policy: it was the defining moral task that has challenged and shaped American liberalism for the last fifty years....

In my more cynical moments I suspect that the civil rights movement was never about helping blacks. It was about liberals getting power. AND, something even more intoxicating than power--the opportunity to feel superior!

And of course big-government/socialistic policies always tend to destroy the poor and give power to the intelligentsia.

This is also interesting from the perspective of the 70-year cycle. Every 70 year period in American politics has been partly defined by the question of race. In the first we tried to let the question sleep--that was a compromise that made the Revolution possible. The second 70 years was the Civil War and Republican dominance afterwards. The third was of Democrat dominance, with the civil rights movement as a center piece. In the fourth, now begun, a great civil rights theme will be education, and breaking the stranglehold of the Corrupt teachers unions and corrupt Democrats that make so many inner-city schools hell-holes that destroy the very minorities the Left claims to care about.

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