March 24, 2011

There's a word for those people...

Mark Steyn:

Louise Bagshawe, the chick-lit author and Conservative MP, wrote a piece for the London Telegraph wondering why she hadn't heard about the Fogel murders until she read my Corner post Dead Jews is no news.� Where, she asks, is the BBC coverage?

As I said in my post, there are circles of depravity: The relatively small number of people willing to decapitate a baby; the larger number of Palestinians happy to celebrate the decapitation of a baby; and the massed ranks of Western media anxious to obscure the truth about the nature of the event. The comments below Miss Bagshawe's column provide a glimpse of a fourth circle — the large numbers of Westerners who, even when confronted with the reality of what happened, are nevertheless eager to rationalize it as a legitimate response to a legitimate grievance.

For all the frictions between the aging, fading natives of Europe and their young, assertive Muslim populations, on this one issue at least there is remarkable comity.

A word for all the Jew/Zionist/Israel haters (they're all the same thing). The word is "losers."

If you were making really long-term economic bets, you might want to consider anti-semitism as inverse to economic growth and civilizational health.

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