February 11, 2011

This tops everything since John Kerry...

Mitt Flips Again - By Deroy Murdock - The Corner - National Review Online:

As Andy Warhol once said, "That's not fake. It's real plastic." Warhol's immortal words came to mind as I learned about Willard Mitt Romney's latest flip flop. The 2011 paperback version of his book No Apology is at war with last year's hardback edition. The fairly accommodating Romney who said nice things about President Obama has been hauled off and replaced with an angrier, more combative Romney — perfect for the GOP presidential primary season, which will heat up as Romney addresses the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington this morning at 10:30....

I can't believe how stupid this is. He's just handed every political enemy the perfect metaphor. If he sounds soft it will be described as the "hardcover Mitt." If he tries to seem tough then Sarah can raise her eyebrow and suggest that we're getting "the Paperback Mitt."

Mitt Romney is not politically astute. He makes these dumb ass mistakes frequently. Therefore he would not be a good President, since the President's job is political leadership above all else. It's not like being a CEO, who rarely has to win the political support of the public.

What kind of fool would run for the Republican nomination without ever having had a hunting license! He could easily have arranged to spend a single weekend hunting with friends, and having a few pictures taken of himself with a gun, to put on his website.

Posted by John Weidner at February 11, 2011 3:52 PM
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