February 5, 2011

What did anyone expect?

Obama Said to Fault Spy Agencies' Mideast Forecasting - NYTimes.com:

WASHINGTON — President Obama has criticized American spy agencies over their performance in predicting and analyzing the spreading unrest in the Middle East, according to current and former American officials....

Let me spell this out in words even a community organizer can understand.

YOU, Barry Obama, are the poster child for the idea that government can understand and manage complex and subtle issues and problems.

That idea is STUPID. Your philosophy is rotten at the core. It is absurdity. That idea almost made sense in the Industrial Age. In the Information Age it is ludicrous to imagine that centralized bureaucracies can be nimble and creative enough to keep up with a world that is changing at a mad pace...

Posted by John Weidner at February 5, 2011 1:52 PM
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