January 29, 2011

Thank you again President Bush...

Max Boot, Are We All Neocons Now?:

...But whatever happens, one thing is already clear: as Pete Wehner has already noted, President Bush was right in pushing his "freedom agenda" for the Middle East.

When he pushed for democratic change in the region, legions of know-it-all skeptics — including Barack Obama — scoffed. What business was it of America to comment on, much less try to change, other countries� internal affairs? Why meddle with reliable allies? Wasn�t it the height of neocon folly to imagine a more democratic future for places like Iraq or Egypt?

Turns out that Bush knew a thing or two. He may not have been all that sophisticated by some standards, [the "standards" of nihilism!] but like Ronald Reagan, he grasped basic truths that eluded the intellectuals. Reagan, recall, earned endless scorn for suggesting that the "evil empire" might soon be consigned to the "ash heap of history." But he understood that basic human desires for freedom could not be repressed forever. Bush understood precisely the same thing, and like Reagan he also realized that the U.S. had to get on the right side of history by championing freedom rather than by cutting disreputable deals with dictators.

Condi in black...Too bad he didn�t have more success in pushing the "freedom agenda." If he had — if, for example, he had been willing to hold back American aid to force Egypt to make liberal reforms — the U.S. might possibly have averted the explosion currently seen on the streets of Egypt by engineering a more orderly transition to democracy. But in his second term, humbled by setbacks in Iraq, Bush and his secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, charted a different course. They did little or nothing while Mubarak locked up liberal dissident Ayman Nour. Instead, they concentrated their energies on the vaunted Middle East peace process, which ended in a predictable failure.

Obama has essentially continued this policy, which he — and legions of like-minded thinkers — sees as the height of "realism." But what�s so realistic about endorsing a sclerotic status quo? The answer is being delivered in the streets of Egypt. So having already endorsed the essentials of the Bush war on terror, Obama is now belatedly embracing the freedom agenda too. Does that mean we�re all neocons now?...

"But in his second term, humbled by setbacks in Iraq, Bush and his secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, charted a different course." Well, that's not really accurate. It makes it sound like something unilateral and internal to the Bush Administration. In fact our fake-liberals and fake pacifists and fake Christians HATED Bush's freedom agenda from the first. And they battered him with vicious political opposition from the start. From way back in 2001. They hated the thought of overthrowing tyrants, and, judging by the Obama Administration's reactions to Iran and now Egypt, they still do. I spit on them with utter disgust.

Which is a large chunk of why I despise "liberals" and "pacifists" and "progressives" and that whole horrid crew...

Posted by John Weidner at January 29, 2011 6:37 PM
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