December 8, 2010

Why aren't men in church?

I've written an essay on the question of why in America fewer men go to church than women. It was intended to spark discussion in our parish, but I doubt that's going to happen. So I thought I'd post it here. Perhaps someone will Google it up when they are looking for thoughts on the subject...

Here's a link to a PDF: Where Are The Men?

Also, I have two extra files. One on some very successful altar boy programs, which give a hint of what a less feminine church might be like. And a collection of quotes that seem to me to be thought-provoking in one way or another...

Appendix 1, On Altar Boys

Appendix 2, Quotes

Feel free to cricket-ize, or comment, or make suggestions. (Or to call me a sexist whatchamacallit. Though I will reply that the Catholic view of women actually gives women far more dignity than the "feminist" view that success for women lies in becoming just as swinish as men.)

* Update: I've recently discovered the book The Church Impotent, by Leon Podles. I recommend it, it is a splendid piece of work on this subject, and makes me feel quite abashed to be opining. If I ever re-write my essay, I'll have to make changes. (Though I think what I wrote still has value.)

Professor Podles has a web-site and blog here. And he has made his book available as a PDF you can download.

UPDATE; I would add that my essay is meant to provoke thought, not to be some final answer. Especially, we need to think more about what manliness really is. What is its essence?

I deeply wish that there was a "conversation" on this subject, that I could add to. Not because I think the problem can be solved in the short run. But because if, as I often fear, the churches of the West simply crash into ruins, then there will be a Remnant. And they may be ready to make changes, if we have prepared the ground.

American troops praying before a patrol in Iraq, 2005
American troops praying before a patrol in Iraq, 2005

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