November 29, 2010

Hawks and conservatives were right. As usual.

The Wikileaks affair is too crazy for me. I'm afraid I'm too much of a sober-sides to savor it. On the one hand, it's the obvious time for assassinations to occur, and after hearing all my life about how the horrid CIA was a hotbed of assassins, I'm feeling a bit let down.

On the other hand, al lot of the info that's been revealed merely confirms that us knuckle-dragging conservatives have been right ll along about various things...

Jennifer Rubin:

I would strongly concur with J.E. Dyer's observation concerning the leaked cables:
Its true value lies in confirming what hawks and conservatives have been saying about global security issues. China's role in missile transfers from North Korea to Iran; Syria's determined arming of Hezbollah; Iran's use of Red Crescent vehicles to deliver weapons to terrorists; Obama's strong-arming of foreign governments to accept prisoners from Guantanamo — these are things many news organizations are reporting prominently only because they have been made known through a WikiLeaks dump. In the end, WikiLeaks's most enduring consequences may be the unintended ones.
You can add to the list of the hawks' confirmed truths: the enthusiastic support of the Arab states for a more vigorous U.S. response to Iran, the mullahs' possession of more advanced technology than previously acknowledged, and the recognition by Secretary of Defense Bob Gates that "reset" has been a disaster for democracy in Russia....
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