November 25, 2010

Cutting through the fog... No Substance to Establishment Attacks on Governor Palin:

... Palin had a very interesting and, I would argue, insightful response to Barbara Bush's tasteless and classless dissing.
I don't want to concede that we have to get used to this kind of thing, because i don't think the majority of Americans want to put up with the blue-bloods — and I want to say it with all due respect because I love the Bushes — the blue bloods who want to pick and chose their winners instead of allowing competition.
[Note that supplementary clause in the middle. That's been left out of the quotes I've seen, thus making Palin seem to be sneering.]
Governor Palin makes an excellent point here. By correctly identifying the Bush's as "blue-bloods", she has, in her inimitable way, cut through all the fog that surrounds the Republican establishment's efforts to stop her. I have yet to hear one conservative criticize any of her policy prescriptions. It's not like she hasn't been sharing them repeatedly over the past year. Via Facebook, op-eds, and television appearances we've heard more solid policy prescriptions and refudiations of Obama's policies than all the other potential Republican candidates combined, multiplied by five (at least).

Monetary policy: check. A common sense political strategy for the new Congress: check. An energy policy that would actually move us toward energy independence: check. Iraq: check. Taxes: check. Union thuggery: check. Obama's hypocrisy and incompetence: check and check. Media bias: check. Racism: check. Obamacare, check: Cap and Tax: check. Peace through strength: check. Israel: check. Securing the border: check. Financial reform: check. The ticking time bomb of lavish tax-payer financed pensions for state employee unions: check.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. Many beltway Republicans continue to insist that Governor Palin lacks substance, and needs to go back to Alaska, "put her head down", and study the issues. How can anyone claim that she hasn't been doing just that with a straight face? Show me one other prominent Republican who has weighed in on half as many important issues facing our country over the past two years as Governor Palin. In fact, why limit ourselves to prominent Republicans? Show me any Republican who has been as out front on the important issues of the day as Governor Palin. The fact is, that's impossible because there isn't anyone. Those who continue to aver that she needs to study the issues are living in an alternate reality.

The fact is, her positions on the issues are right there for everyone to see and, more importantly, are unassailable. If they weren't, the GOP establishment, whose goal is "stopping Sarah Palin", would be using those positions to do just that. But they aren't. Their modus operandi is to pretend she has no substantive positions on the issues and therefore shouldn't run...

What's fascinating and infuriating for me is that I can argue with someone who claims Palin is "unqualified" to be President by citing a long list of actual accomplishments.... and it makes no difference at all! (This comment thread is an example.)

My guess is that most of the opposition to Palin along the right side of the spectrum is, perhaps unconsciously, about the great and perennial divide between those who think the common people should rule, and those who, in one form or another, trust to elites or establishments. My thought is that there is a lot to be said for real elites, as long as what's needed is business-as-usual.

When a situation calls for radical change, as I think the case is now, then elite types and "blue bloods" are disqualified. They are part of the old paradigm, pretty much by definition. And the new paradigm, as it starts to emerge, seems ugly and awkward, and it is mostly the domaine of outsiders and oddballs.

Posted by John Weidner at November 25, 2010 11:39 AM
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