September 29, 2010

Dancing with the Stars...

A conservative friend suggested the other night that Sarah couldn't be elected President, because she carries too much baggage. He mentioned Tina Fey's SNL skit. But he's stuck in 2008. If a person is silly enough to judge a candidate on vague impressions from TV, then it will now be Dancing with the Stars that sticks in their mind.

The Palins have leap-frogged their critics again. And it's another bit of "American Dream" stuff. First we had "PTA mom can become governor," and maybe president. Now "plump kid from the sticks is a glamourous hit on TV." And both of them pull it off so well, yet remain, well, ordinary.

Rush Goes "On the Record" with Greta Van Susteren:

...GRETA: One last question. Which politician currently do you admire most or impresses you the most?

RUSH: Which politician do I currently admire the most?


RUSH: Is that the question?


RUSH: You know, you asking me a question; if I answer this, I'm gonna make a lot of enemies. It's really hard to say. I really look at Sarah Palin, however, and I look at everything they've thrown at her, I look at the attempts they have made to destroy her: a decent, good, patriotic woman, not done anything to anybody. And, in fact, she has lived the life that the feminists told us women should do. She has had it all. She's a family woman, she started out in the PTA, got involved in her kids' lives and took it further, wanted to go into politics at a higher level, try to fix things. She's done it all, and she has not withered under the efforts to literally destroy her. You have to admire that. You have to admire people that don't quit and don't give up, especially doing it with a smile on the face. She's defied them all along. Even Republicans said when she retired with the governorship, "Well, that's it, she's never gonna amount to anything."

Look at her. Her daughter is on Dancing with the Stars, crossed over into the so-called mainstream. Entertainment Tonight's up in Wasilla. Entertainment Tonight? I mean that's the Hollywood left. They're up there being entertained with exclusives of Sarah Palin. It's gotta just be rubbing the Democrats raw. This is not what was supposed to happen. This woman was supposed to be a standing joke, and they can't make a joke out of her because she's a very serious woman who loves being an American, loves life. And you have to admire how she's stood up under this withering attack. And there are a lot of people on the Republican side I could say that about. I don't mean to leave others out by simply mentioning her. But a lot of these Tea Party people. Sharron Angle. They're going after her. What's she done to anybody? She hasn't done anything to anybody...
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