September 15, 2010

"Power, like nature, abhors a vacuum."

A few thoughts on the Christine O'Donnell nomination... Governor Palin: It's Time to Unite:

...It's pretty simple: when the shoe is on the other foot and the more moderate candidate defeats the more conservative candidate in the primary, what always happens is that the more conservative candidate gets behind the more moderate candidate. It's time for moderates to act in defeat the same way conservatives act in defeat and that is to support the winner....

Ain't that the truth. Those who keep telling us to support moderate Republicans should include in their calculus what the "moderates" do when they lose. Specter, Crist, Murkowski. Anybody think Castle will lift a finger for his fellow Republican?

A Long-Overdue Overhaul for Delaware Republicans? - The Campaign Spot - National Review Online:

...Both parties in Delaware have been led by blue-blood patrician types for eons. That probably isn't unusual in most states, but in a small state it plays out in a very interesting way. The big donors and loyalists of both parties are members of the same bar association, members of the same country clubs, do business together and send their kids to the same private schools. They live in the same neighborhoods, too. This co-mingling created a genteel centrist quality in Delaware politics that has not been challenged in any significant way, until now. All these folks live in Wilmington's old money neighborhood and its upscale suburbs. The rural southern counties (long the base for conservative Democrats) never counted for much politically — except for producing a few powerful codgers in the legislature. Now, the only voters the state GOP has left in any concentration are the rural conservatives, yet the party blue-bloods have ignored them (the 2006 Senate nominee was so pathetically liberal, he was to the left of the Dem — Tom Carper).

Remember Dede?

Upset over the Upset in Delaware - The Corner - National Review Online:

...What this really should communicate, I think, is that the Right needs a lot more Club for Growth–style candidate-recruiting efforts. If conservatives do not like O'Donnell, then they should be out identifying better candidates to run against vulnerable RINOs — because somebody is going to run. These incumbent takedowns are going to inspire a lot of new people to get into electoral politics, many of them without the sort of experience or backgrounds that Establishment types are comfortable with. Power, like nature, abhors a vacuum....

* Update: And this:

Response to Jonah - The Corner - National Review Online:

...What I think is a little rich is for folks who declare war on the party establishment to expect that same establishment to bankroll them.

That would be a good point, except that Republican establishment groups all ask the little folk for donations. When they come asking me to contribute, you would never guess that they are up in the elite stratosphere, nor do they mention their preference for moderates.

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