September 12, 2010


This post is not important; it's just a piece on Sarah Palin that seemed very silly to me, so I'm fisking a bit...

Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune, Sarah Palin would face a losing battle running for president:

...What is overlooked is that she would have big handicaps in a Republican presidential contest as well. Palin has made her name railing against Obama, congressional Democrats, mosque-builders, the news media and other conservative targets. In a GOP primary, those positions would make her stand out about like one Cheerio stands out from the others. So other considerations — competence, experience, temperament, electability — would dominate. [Actually, the other possible candidates have been conspicuously flabby in attacking those targets. Can you name one thing they've done comparable to "death panels," Mr Chapman? Have you noticed the White House reacting to any of them the way they do with Sarah?]

[And perhaps you haven't been paying attention, but lately she's been making a name supporting or attacking REPUBLICANS. You might want to look into that, if the busy life of a "journalist" lets you find time.]

Instead of making the case that she would be an improvement on Obama, she'd have to explain why she would be preferable to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty or former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, among other possible contenders. [Oh yeah, those guys are perfect. How could anyone POSSIBLY make a case against them??]

It's one thing to tweet your thoughts about Obama and Nancy Pelosi or endorse candidates on Facebook while hiding from skeptical reporters. It's another to match wits on issues with smart, well-informed, politically savvy conservative opponents who are determined to expose your shortcomings. [If they are so savvy, why is everyone obsessing over Sarah? Why are you so eager to demolish her, Chapman? Why do you care?]
If Palin couldn't handle an interview with Katie Couric, how would she handle debates? [People keep going back to the Couric interview, like it's some sort of security blanket. But Sarah is interviewed on TV frequently now, and can you show one time she's flubbed up? If that interview was such a "defining moment," how come we haven't seen the un-edited tapes? How come people like Mr Chapman aren't pressing to see them?] Those come fast and furious in the primaries — and both Romney and Huckabee can draw on their 2008 experience. [So can you remember one single debate moment by those guys? I can't.]

In that kind of setting, winks and one-liners won't take you far. Her opponents will ask her questions she would rather not answer, such as "Why were you for the Bridge to Nowhere until you were against it?" [That's easy to answer. She learned more, and realized it wan't a routine highway project. Lots of things look good before investigation.] and "If you walked away from the governorship, how can we count on you not to quit the presidency?" [Also easy to answer. She continued to be the effective and engaged conservative leader she has been since 1992.] They will also display a grasp of substance that Palin doesn't have and shows no interest in acquiring. [Anyone who's actually READ some of her substantive speeches knows what desperate nonsense that is. Here's a link. If any of your boring white-bread guys gave this speech, you would be hailing them as "smart, well-informed, politically savvy conservative opponents."]

[Oh, and Chapman, do you think Sarah's the only one who will get hard Q's? How's your boy Mitt going to answer questions about RomneyCare? How's Huckabee going to explain raising taxes and releasing cop-killers?]

This last reality is a clue that those who want her to run will be disappointed. If she were serious about a White House bid, she would have spent the past two years making herself plausible as president. [With a blandness implant?] All Palin has done is make herself a major media phenomenon, as well as a wealthy woman.

Right now, she's a hot commodity that has soared in value and seems destined to get even hotter. But the same was once true of housing. Palin is another bubble, which a race for president would soon burst. [Did you not write similar stuff when she was running for VICE-President? And when she resigned as governor? I'll bet you said, "Whew. The bubble has burst, and I'm safe in my comfortable nihilism."]
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